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From using threads occasionally on paper works a cold studio in the winter has meant a development of a whole new genre of works. My use of fabric and stitching is a link back to not only the ancient past but the era of the embroidered sampler and the extraordinary talent of unsung women. I am very much captivated by the combination of the domesticity of the process and the more gritty side of my subject matter. Using fabric and thread has become an extension of my mark making. 



Painting is meditative, absorbing and demanding. It is, perhaps, the final link to the ancient cave drawings I find so compelling. 

Painting is about the painting



I make a lot of Monotypes (i.e. original prints with out editions so each work is unique). The monotype as an art form is not as elevated as it should be. They can be made in so many many ways from the graphic to the drawn and painterly.


Collage features heavily in my practice. It is a form of planning, thinking and making studies for other works.